Women can be strong and feminine at the same time

Women can be strong and feminine at the same time


Logo design, Brand Identity, Social media design, Print design, Brand guidelines


RunTheWrld is a jewelry brand that sells high-quality elegant jewelry.
The philosophy behind RunTheWrld is that they stand for women's empowerment and support the idea that women can be strong and feminine at the same time.

The challenge of this project was creating a logo that is feminine, unique, and has something special that makes them different from competitors. The solution was creating a logotype with a letter mark that can be used separately from the rest, like on the packaging or social media profile images while keeping the brand consistent.

Apart from the full horizontal logotype that can be used on a variety of things, I have also created an alternative, stacked logotype. For the color palette, I wanted to keep it simple. It consists of black and white which fits the brand's values, mission, and vision.

Feminine, Bold, Elegant

Target Audience
Females, age range from 20 - 60yrs

Keywords associated with their brand
unique, elegant, empowering, luxurious, feminine, strong

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