Integrity, Diversity, and Trust above all.

Integrity, Diversity, and Trust above all.

High Point Senior Care

Logo design, Brand Identity, Social media design, Print design, Brand guidelines


High Point Senior Care provides home care for seniors. Their goal is to provide much-needed companionship for the elderly. Their brand philosophy is based on values such as Integrity, Diversity, and Trust above all.

For this project, helping High Point Senior Care stand out from its competitors and similar businesses was our main challenge. We were focused on creating a memorable logo design and brand identity that will reflect their values and position them on the market as someone who their audience can trust.

One of the other goals was to create a logo that can be memorable and can be easily used on different sizes and mediums without losing quality as the logo will be printed and used digitally.

Integrity, Diversity, Trust

Target Audience
Children of senior citizens and others in the medical field will refer to their services.

Keywords associated with their brand
Homecare, senior care, home health care, senior companionship.

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